Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We are pleased to announce that we are having our first inaugural "CampFest" this year at Joe naggy's Rifle River Campround located in Sterling Michigan. The Tanked crew and friends will be there July forth weekend (july 3,4,5) with a 4 hour drunken stooper floating down the Rifle River on Friday morning.
the rates are as fallows; $13 per person per night and $25 per person to go down the river.
we will have bon fires and hanna montanna sing alongs lol and river beer pong (on a real compition beer pong table IN the river. automatic ball washing)
don't forget to bring your tent, food and drinks.
bring on the beer and voodoo punch.
see ya there!

-Tanked Captin,
scott considine

Rifle River Campground Location

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Episode 3 Sleestack Shenanigans

Meet our new host Sleestack!

Tanked 5/25/08 Episode 3 Sleestack Shenanigans

Episode 3 Sleestack Shenanigans
This episode of Tankedyour hosts Scott, Chris and Aaron sip Whtie Russians and take you on a verbal romp through time and space and discuss Inidana Jones and the Crystal Skull, acer aspire predator, Network Attached Storage, Fusion Man, Blackberry Bold, Wii Fit, Crime, Sleetack, Apple's Time Machine, Overpriced settop blu-ray players really Chaps Scott's ass, Firefox add-on Glubble, Chris is ditching the 30" for the Wacom Cintiq, and Chris neglects to drink.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We are recording episode 3 this sunday and it should be posted and up on itunes monday. we will patch chris in with i chat. We did a test this week and it sounds great. We have tons of topics and two new segments in the show. In the near future we will have a 128kbps mp3 version of the show and an enhanced version with pictures for all you chums out there with ipods or iphones. Remember, you can always leave your comments, ideas, thoughts or questions on the Tanked blog while we get our swanky-ass fancy site up. Or hit us up at

more news to come.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tanked 5/16/08 Episode 2 We're Back -mp3 version-

We are BACK! This episode we cover 3g iphone, intel amd, disasters, PS3 and stupid games, dreamcast dreams, iron man and speed racer reviews, dark knight and the new hulk movie aspirations, Top Gear, About fish, Corner gun, and somthing about a brown note.

Tanked 9/21/05 Episode 1 Swedish Powered

Hypnotic & Oj, Dual Core IBM G5, Aperture, Spiderman 3, Blackberry Ailment, Skype, Voip, Wi-fi and bluetooth.

Tanked 9/14/05 Episode 0 The Episode That Never Was

Hosts: Scott Considine, Chris Hiller and Steve Cooke. Test pilot of the podcast Tanked. Episode 0 was not intended to air but to celebrate the the re-birth of the Tanked podcast we thought it would be fun to hear our drunken banter, our future predictions and how bad our audio equipment was crapping out. Loose, raw and un-edited. enjoy

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tanked Podcast is uploading

so we finally settled on a host provider for the podcast,
we are currently uploading the episodes 0 from 2005 and Episode 2 from 2008. episode 1 will be up shortly. i will let you know when it is on itunes, that should be sat may 16 2008.

Monday, May 12, 2008

tanked is comming back

we will be recording a podcast tomarrow. will post it soon.