Monday, June 30, 2008

Tanked Episode 8 Straight G-Pimp Level

This week we discuss ABC's new show Wipeout, Diabblo 3 revealed, R.I.P George Carlin, who will follow Steve Jobs, Bill Gates last day at work, PlayStation 3 getting another exlusive fighter for Soul Caliber 4? Wall-E Movie review, Chris gets Lasik, child interview on wall-e

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tanked Episode 7 6/22/08 Aaron No Cookie

On this Episode Scott and Aaron make Electric Lemonades and Chris drinks his own spit. We talk about The new Nvidia SLI setups, Topgear comes to the America's, Firefox 3 and NES add-on, your pennies are no good here, Aaron's new Honda Z600 project, Chris's bar hopping, Good find of the week, Yoshi's no cookiecommercial, Future of video rentals, and the weekly TSA rant of the week.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Thats right, we finally have our URL.
in case you didn't see it in your url field. We are working on a few things to get this site really bumpin' so hang in there gang, this will be good.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tanked Episode 6 6/15/08 Star Light Star Bright

This week the Tanked crew social engineer a mix of vodka shots and beers. Topics: iPhone3G is out, Chris's chapped ass, pixies album soon to be available for rockband, spacestaion shitter fixed, civic out sells the f-150 for the first time ever, bitching about alternative fuels, Microsoft surface surfaces, the new hulk movie review.
GTA3 Special: driving drunk.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Michigan Storms, Damage, Destruction

Hey tankers!
So after we recorded the Ep.5 podcast a storm coming out of nowhere bore down on us and we took shelter in the basement of our house, which coincidentally is where the studio is. It lasted a few minutes and didn't seem like much of a storm. although, what little i could see out the window, the 60ft tall tree tops look they were going bend and touch the ground. Some debris and dead branches and sticks landed in the back yard and we lost power. This is a pretty typical summer time Michigan storm.
It wasn't until Aaron left my house and called to tell me that there were trees down all over the road at a school not too far from where i live.
So what would any normal person do after a tip like that? well i grabbed the camera and hit the road.
it wasn't until then, being on the road camera in hand, that i really realized how lucky we were just to lose power and have a few branches in the yard. i lost count of how many trees fell on houses, cars, roads and power lines.
The reports so far say that we received a horizontal gust of wind clocked at 70-80mph and that we didn't get any tornadoes or even a funnel cloud. For those who don't know me, I'm a bit of a weather junkie and find meteorology very intriguing. I've seen 70-80mph wind before, here in Michigan it's not uncommon to reach these wind speeds once a season. The damage and destruction I've seen in the past few days and six people dead, it's hard to believe that all this was caused by a gust of wind. I'd be curious to see the data results on this past Sundays storm.
With that all said, we are still without power. I had to barrow a generator to power my laptop and get my wifi network up just so i could edit and post the show and these measly words on the tanked website. Our local electric company said the power should be on by Wednesday night but they have over 200,000 customers without power. If for whatever reason it's not on by this Sunday I'll hook the entire studio up to the generator and do the podcast gasoline style. Although, I hope it comes back on before then because I'm sick of have to dump buckets of river water down the toilet just so i can flush my poo.
Here are some pictures of the damage my immediate area. i saw worse but i didn't have my camera on me.
TTFN, -Scott

Tanked 6/8/08 Episode 5 Springtime for Hiller

This week your hosts of the Tanked Podcast, Scott, Chris and Aaron, wet their pallets with Blue Moon, Arrogant Bastard Ale and Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale while discussing topics such as the speculation and rumors surrounding the up coming WWDC, SDK, Time Warner bandwidth caps, Microsoft Surface technology, space plumbing, TSA Body Scanners going prime time, Duke Nukem Forever video shots, Guitar Hero god, Lego Indiana Jones, and Chris holds his cards close about Heroes Villains News.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Tanked Studio Pic

Here's our new setup. Running Macbook Pro and a homebrew AMD box. Record and edit in garage band. 4 channel vocopro mixer with crown XLS 202 amp. Have the Macbook patched in loop. We will be using skype from here on out with chris on his own channel. Each station has it's own vid cam and studio headphones for confrence video skyping with chris. Simple but very flexible and effect setup. I hope to be getting the multi cam video podcast up by the end of summer.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tanked 6/1/08 Episode 4 Burn Baby Burn!

Tanked 6/1/08 Episode 4 Burn Baby Burn!
On this show your heroes Scott, Chris and Aaron venture of the beaten path and try undiscovered beers from the America and abroad while discussing topics. Show topics include, Windows 7 demo, NASA's Phoenix Lander, Universal is burning, Netflix Roku's set top streaming movie box, More blu-ray bitching, Rainn Wilson in Transformers 2, Superhero fashion emergency, TSA slealing from passengers and ridiculous things you can pack in your check in luggage and Aaron's Chapped Ass.
Special announcement about Tanked's Campfest live show.
We also try convincing chris to show up at campfest.

Superhero Fashion Emergency (as heard in Tanked Ep. 4

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