Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tanked Episode 12 Pi-yow Bitch

The gang picks on Scott this week and discusses Psystar for sale, Hancock review, Chris having to work on Sunday, Star Wars the Clone Wars, Tron2 trailer leaked, Sex Panther, Bret the monkey faced pig, Women try to open door mid flight, Air powered cars, The new Dodge Challenger, Atomic Shark Camaro concept, Chris is still claiming to buy a Xbox 360, and Storm Troopers everywhere
UPDATE: Psystar HQ is up for sale, buy it now for $4.6 million

Air Cars From Zero Polution Motors

Starwars clone wars movie coming out on Aug 15th

Tron 2 Bootleg trailer makes it online after a sneek peak at a comic con

Lookout Booty Sweat Sex Panther is on the Prowel

Piglet with monkey's face

Women try to open door mid-flight

2009 Challenger

Atomic Camaro concept

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sneak Preview of Pineapple Express!

So the Tanked crew stumbled upon tickets to go see the highly anticipated movie, Pineapple Express and we will give a thorough review of it on Ep.13. Due to that, Ep.12 will post late Wednesday night. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tanked Episode 11 Skunkape

This week the Tanked crew reviews the Dark Knight, E3 announcements such as Ghostbusters, Halo Wars, Final Fantasy 13, Resident Evil 5, Mirrors Edge, Xbox 360 dashboard makeover, Will your movies and rentals be locked on your PS3, Wii Motion Plus, GM unveils the Blue Devil Super Vette, Liquid Metal cooling solutions for hot CPU's and NASA wants your golden rain.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tanked Episode 10 Still Romping

This week we catch up with Chris's week off and recap the live show, ABC's WipeOut is re-reviewed, Chris shares the Japanese show Hole in the Wall and the American version to come, season 11 of Top Gear is here and they test lap the Batmobile in a future episode, iPhone 3G Craziness, Scott gives in and gets a PS3 and it offers a few surprises, tanked steals shit, crazy biker on cellphone lying down, Chris is a big Chuck Norris fan, our take on the Rock Band 2 game trailers released, Chris the professional party mountaineer.
-Jason Milan's track, Parallel Transition, from the album Moments of Clarity
-Aaron gets a wake-up call

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Check out Milan's Album Moments of Clarity as heard in Tanked episode 10

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tanked Live!

Tanked Episode 9 Live At The Rifle River

Hosts Scott Considine, Aaron Vermeersch and special guest host Dan Considine drink way to much Voodoo Juice doing a live show at the Rifle River Campground in Sterling Michigan and plow their way through some ridiculous topics.
FireFox sets new app download record, 12 million bees released on highway, woman crashes car into store and tries to buy beer, man hits mom with polish sausage, drunken swede rowes home from Denmark, horror at french military show, trailer park rules, Dan's secret alt fuel project revealed.
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River Pong

B-dawg, Nat and Scott
Tanked River Pong

Live At The Riffle River Video Coming Soon

Due to time constrainets will will be offering our first video podcast of Episode 9 in the next couple of weeks. We shot the episode with multipul cameras so i just have to find the time to edit it all together. There will be some bonus footage in the episode too.
Thanks for all of your patients

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hey Tankers

Packing up the last few things and getting ready to leave in a few hours. I can't wait to get up there and get back to nature and... having a few with the fam and friends. Will post on our return. Episode 9 is going to be a great one.