Monday, July 21, 2008

Tanked Episode 11 Skunkape

This week the Tanked crew reviews the Dark Knight, E3 announcements such as Ghostbusters, Halo Wars, Final Fantasy 13, Resident Evil 5, Mirrors Edge, Xbox 360 dashboard makeover, Will your movies and rentals be locked on your PS3, Wii Motion Plus, GM unveils the Blue Devil Super Vette, Liquid Metal cooling solutions for hot CPU's and NASA wants your golden rain.


Just me said...

Well was nice go get mentioned on the show, but I haven't gone by Majeski since i was 15 & had my name changed. Great show guys. I'm trying to get people I know to listen and get them numbers up.
Thanks guys great show.

Just me said...

It's Mulligan now guys. Thanks for the good laugh.

Tanked said...

I relized that after the show. At least it got you to comment on the show. Mwah!
Be sure to check out the Drinks and Beers section of the blog too.

Just me said...

Yeah, for sure. We have just finished our movie and are getting ready to start the promotion of it. The web site is So please check out the trailer and let us know what you think. As we get closer to the new project we are going to be getting ready to do a making the movie podcast. where once a week we talk about the process. Keep up the great shows guys.