Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tanked Episode 18 Tussin

Chris makes a trip to the Tanked Studio and have beers and shots and discuss Scalable Multi-Touch displays that lay waste to MS Surface, Google Chrome luanched Sep.1st and stabs Microsoft Internet Explorer in the god damn heart, Apple confirms Sep. 9 Special Event called "Let's Rock", New MicroSeinfeld ads forget they are selling something, Xbox 360 price cut coming on September 5 Arcade now $199, "Robin Hoods" steal at the store, give to the poor?


Just me said...

hey guys, Looks like I'll be home this weekend. I'll try to get a copy of the movie for you guys. still doing 2 shows on sunday? I'll contact you and let you know if I'll be home.

Tanked said...

As far as I know we are doing two shows. Was trying to set it up before Hiller left Saturday but he's been busy with meetings and all.
I so have to get a new podcast host. Every Ep sounds like shit because of the way they compress it. Very frustrating considering we have great equipment.
What do you think of the Alpha version of the new Website?

Just me said...

I liked it once I got to listen to the podcast. My computer was not great durring the show. But still was fine. you guys were echoy at times. totally on my end I'm sure. Will b great once it is all going. I won't be home this weekend. I got hit by a coach at a high school game and wrenched my knee. I'm not doing too good and well that sucks. Talk at you later.